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Harris County CSCD – Adult Probation - Juvenile Probation

The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department serves 22 district criminal courts and 15 county criminal courts at law with supervision and services for approximately 38,000 felony and misdemeanor offenders. The Department provides pre-sentence investigations and assessment services for the courts. The Judges contract with the county for payroll and purchasing services, and the county, by statute, provides facilities, equipment and utilities. There are six regional office sites, three neighborhood reporting locations, five residential treatment programs and additional offices in the criminal courthouse. Currently, the Department has approximately 875 employees under the oversight of the Director who is appointed by the judges.

Location Information: Main Office Administration
Street Address: 49 San Jacinto St, Houston TX 77002-1233

Phone: (713) 755-2700
Fax: (713) 755-2782
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Hours of Operation
Mon-Thu: 7:00am-6:45pm
Fri: 7:00am-4:45pm

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